Your body is designed for running, walking and moving in many ways. Movement unleashes your body’s energy potential and the innate wisdom your body offers. However moving in the wrong way can injure your body. That is where the benefits of having one-to-one fitness training comes in.

I provide group training to people of all ages and fitness levels both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor group fitness training takes in the beach, the prom and/or the park or pitch. Indoor group fitness training consists of circuit training and varied fitness exercices bootcamp style! Men and women of all ages get a full body workout, increase their strength, tone up, lose weight and have fun doing it as no two workouts the same!

I can provide one-to-one specialized training when required to both sports players and sports professionals in any sport i.e. Golf, Boxing etc. One-to-one Specialized Golf Training. All golfers whatever their level can benefit from a Golf-specific Strength and Conditioning program.