“4-Weeks to Fitness is the title of my new fitness program which I conduct at Salthill’s wonderful Promenade. Participants sign on for a four-week program, some of which is completed on either Salthill Beach or Salthill Park and the remainder is self-managed, using a combination of taught exercises and video tutorials, in conjunction with a suggested diet, which is also supplied. Click here for more details of this exciting new training initiative on ‘The Prom’.

I provide group training to people of all ages and fitness levels both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor group fitness training takes in the beach, the prom and/or the park or pitch. Indoor group fitness training consists of circuit training and varied fitness exercices bootcamp style! Men and women of all ages get a full body workout, increase their strength, tone up, lose weight and have fun doing it as no two workouts the same!

I can provide one-to-one specialized training when required to both sports players and sports professionals in any sport i.e. Golf, Boxing etc. One-to-one Specialized Golf Training. All golfers whatever their level can benefit from a Golf-specific Strength and Conditioning program.