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Science-backed personal training that keeps you motivated and accountable for achieving your fitness and wellbeing goals.

Alan Quin is highly experienced and regarded across the fitness and athletic industry in Ireland. His holistic approach helps you overcome challenges in your health and fitness, better manage your work-life balance, and achieve your goals. Through one-on-one guidance, Alan will design a personalised workout and wellbeing plan, and he’ll be with you every step of the way to success. Alan always goes the extra mile to ensure his clients live a happier, healthier life. Find out More ->

Tailored Sessions 1-to-1

Alan is passionate about personalised solutions that boost fitness goals, mindset and lifestyle. He works on a 1-to-1 basis with his clients, building a strong and trusting relationship that keeps you motivated to achieve the results you want.

Why Train With Alan Quin?

  • Free Consultation
  • Applied Athletic Principles
  • Experienced & Highly Regarded
  • Personalised Approach
  • Tailored Plans
  • Motivation & Accountability
  • Convenient Online Assistance

Recommendations and reviews

Excellent service. Always guenteed a great work out. Alan Is very flexible with times morning or evening. Really knows his stuff about nutrition too.

Barry Cummins

Brilliant trainer already seeing results after just a few weeks.

Leah Tiernan

Training with Alan two weeks. He is professional. Great advise all the time. And I know two weeks is not that long but I can see already results. An that is what I am looking for. I can highly recommend him!

Kasia Ferenczuk

Been training the past 10 weeks with alan..working on building some lean muscle and remaining functional aswell. Also working on my weaknessess with is my legs. I find alan a great trainer and very knowlegdable..one month left and I need to up my game to get the best resutls..check out Alan quin fitness to help you reach your goals and targets.

Darren Little