How it works

It’s easy to achieve a healthy body, mind and lifestyle with the Quin Fitness holistic approach. Alan’s goal is to help you get fitter while at the same time working on your mental and lifestyle wellness. He wants you to be physically engaged, and you’re more likely to do that if you can move freely throughout the session – that’s why his training works so well for those with bad backs and aching joints. Alan will tailor every program to each client; there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to fitness. It needs to be based on both your ability and your goals.

Using his expertise and background, Alan can provide great insight into lifestyle changes and exercise requirements for those with injuries or aches. It doesn’t matter if you’re carrying a few extra kilos, have arthritis or a stiff back – these programs are tailored to suit.

Here’s how it works.

Step One:

Initial free Consultation

As part of developing the ultimate fitness program tailored to your needs, Alan takes the time to get to know you with a first-time complimentary consultation. He’ll meet with you to discuss your lifestyle, background, if you have any injuries and how much physical activity you do now compared to what you would like to do. He’ll also get to know about your lifestyle and family life, discuss the exercises you enjoy, most importantly, the goals you have and where you would like to see yourself in the next 12 months.

Step Two:

Comprehensive fitness testing and consultation

Following your initial consultation, Alan will schedule a comprehensive fitness test, alongside a more in-depth discussion about your lifestyle and goals. He will record your weight, test your flexibility and range of motion, check your upper body strength and monitor your cardiovascular fitness. These tests are the industry-standard that’s used for sports teams and international level athletes and will provide a science-based picture of your level of fitness so a tailored program can be developed just for you. Alan will also delve into your diet, exercise routine, work demands and sleep patterns, and discuss what you like to do for fun; this is all part of developing an achievable routine that allows you to do what you love while also taking care of yourself.

Step Three:

Your individualised program

Once your fitness test is complete, Alan will create a personalised program based on your fitness testing results and your consultation. Your customised program will include a certain amount of fitness sessions you agree on a week over a period of 12 weeks. In between your sessions you will have access to an exclusive online program that is tailored to your goals, providing you with daily advice and reminders around your exercise routine, nutrition, recovery time, switching off and even words of inspiration. The same program is used by athletes and scientifically proven to empower you on the road to positive living.

Step Four:

1-to-1 sessions

Now it’s time to start your 1-to-1 sessions with Alan. Each short and sharp session begins with a warm-up and is followed by a program that focuses on simple functional exercises for your upper, lower body and your core. Alan will also incorporate high-intensity interval type training into you session, increasing your cardiovascular fitness and helping you to feel and look better, each and every time. 1-to-1 sessions are typically conducted in your home or somewhere you feel comfortable to allow yourself to give each session your all.

Ready to get started? Get in touch today  to schedule your initial free consultation and get on the path to a healthier, happier you.